Who We Are

Everything will appear fine as long as your air conditioning unit cools the environs effectively and runs smoothly. However, all hell can break loose the minute the unit develops a snag. Air conditioners can break down without warning, leaving you and members of your family or office staff in great discomfort. So, what do you do if the air conditioning unit at home or at your office suddenly starts giving trouble or stops working completely? Whom do you contact or how do you get someone to come fix the problem, at short notice?
This is where Cool Air Miami Air Conditioning Repair come in. We are a Miami based air conditioning repair company of repute that you can rely on, in case of an emergency. We are a trusted name in the industry and here is a list of the many reasons why you can depend on us.

Based In Miami

Cool Air are a Miami AC repair company that works throughout the Dade County and in major parts of Broward County as well. Our Dade AC repair technicians are available on call to fix air conditioners anyplace in the county. We have an exceedingly dedicated team of technicians who are courteous and accomplished at their job.

Experienced Staff

You will find our highly skilled technicians to be exceptionally professional and thorough at their job. They have the expertise to carry out HVAC repair work diligently, leaving you satisfied with their service, each time. Our technicians are qualified to identify problems in the HVAC unit and carry out speedy repairs that always leave our clients completely satisfied.

Around The Clock Service

What makes us exceptional is that you can get in touch with us whenever you have a problem with the HVAC. We understand that HVAC repairs can be required at short notice and are always urgent. This is why we keep our customer care lines open 24/7. It does not matter what time of the day or night you call us – we will ensure that a technician reaches your premises at the earliest and restores the unit to working condition. We take pride in our abilities and quick response time.
Multiple Brand Expertise
Our proficient technicians have the know-how of servicing and repairing AC units of major brands. When you call us you can rest assured that your AC unit no matter what brand it is, will be in good hands.

Reasonably Priced Service

All our services are available to you at highly affordable prices. We do not charge exorbitantly or fleece customers when they call us in an emergency. Our technicians diagnose the problem and quote the price upfront. There are no hidden costs involved. While our service is outstanding, our charges are nominal.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Apart from emergency repairs for which you can call us anytime we also offer an AC maintenance plan where we get into a contract with our clients to service and repair their AC units for a specific period of time, as mentioned in the agreement. These maintenance contracts can be comprehensive plans where we replace defective and damaged components at no extra cost or general maintenance plans where we only repair and service the AC units free of cost, but charge for replacement of components, if any. If you choose to go for an Annual Maintenance Contract with us, our technicians will periodically service your AC unit, so it continues to run efficiently.

Why Us?

If you are looking for a company in Miami that services and repairs air conditioners and heating systems then you need look no further. Our licensed, trained and experienced technicians are guaranteed to do a commendable job.
We carry out minor and major repairs on HVAC units and also assist in modifying systems to best suit our client’s needs.
We also clean and disinfect air conditioning ducts so you have clean air, free from dust, lint, animal dander, bacteria and fungus flowing through your home.
We conduct regular training programs for our technicians so they are aware of the latest technologies in the industry.
Further, we have your safety in mind and hence run background checks on all our technicians, to be certain of their antecedents.
Contact us if you want your HVAC system serviced. Alternatively, give us a call anytime you need urgent repairs to be carried out on the system – remember we are available 24/7.