Pool Heating Repair

Air Conditioner Repair Miami is a renowned pool heating installation, repair and maintenance company with years of experience in servicing the needs of both residential and commercial pool owners in Miami. Being a local company, we have invested in good customer relations which enable us to offer tailor-made services to fit our clients’ needs.

We offer 360 degrees pool heating repair services to ensure that our clients and their families enjoy warm water all through the year from summer to spring. We have a competent workforce consisting of well trained and skilled professionals who can handle any type of pool heating brands.

For such a long time, our focus has been the acquisition of quality equipment and manpower and this explains why our services are always rated as premier quality and our company as a go-to pool heating solution provider in the industry. The wide range of services we offer coupled with our competitive and all inclusive pricing strategy has made us second to none in pool heating.

Types of Pool Heating Installations

According to our experience, our customers are faced with two main pool heating installation decisions. The first is a replacement decision while the second is a new installation. In the replacement decision, the driving force could be an inefficient pool heating system that needs to be completely removed or upgraded. This is much easier to install because all the piping systems are left intact and only the heater is changed.

New pool heater installations are advised during pool construction because it is easier to integrate them with the design plan than fixing them later on when the pool is already built. Our professionals have what it takes to help you fit a pool heater into an existing pool as well as integrate it into your design plan.

There are 3 main types of pool heater installations that we specialize in and these are:

  • Gas Pool Heater – Installation of these heaters require gas plumbing, PVC plumbing, proper venting and electrical wiring. When done incorrectly, this can be hazardous hence the need for a qualified contractor.
  • Heat Pumps – These require a dedicated breaker to enable power supply to the unit. The size of the heat pump determines the breaker but most of them lie in the range of 30 to 60 AMP. You can either add the breaker on your pool equipment sub-panel or heavy-up the electrical service in order to supply enough power to the heat pump. These processes also require a qualified contractor.
  • Solar Pool Heaters – These types of heaters are easier to install compared to the others. However, the challenge comes when the surface on which they are to be installed is steep. We prefer securing the panels onto the roof but we can also install them on any surface including a rack or even on the ground.

Pool Heating Repair In Miami Area

In addition to the installations, we also repair pool heating components including pool pumps, pool motors, pool heaters as well as filters. We partner with the best brands in the market to guarantee you quality and competitively-priced parts. If you need upgrades, we also advise you accordingly.

At Air Conditioner Repair Miami, we offer affordable and customizable service contract to guarantee our clients warm water throughout the seasons. Our professionals will be at your service 24/7 just in case of an emergency.

For quality and first class pool heating services, you can always get in touch with us. Your needs are our priority!