Miami Air Duct Cleaning

The quality of the air in your home is very important, and the ducts that carry your air throughout the house need cleaning from time to time. When you have Air Conditioner Repair Miami out to your home, we clean the grills, diffusers, heat exchangers, drip pans, supply and return registers and ducts, fan motor, fan housing and the air handler. Over time, these components can develop contamination from pollen, dust or other types of particles. When moisture is a factor, there is an increased possibility for microbes to take hold and grow. When that happens, mold spores often enter the home’s living space. Some of the contaminants give you and your family allergic reactions as well as other symptoms after exposure. When you have your system cleaned, we recommend having the entire system checked out, because if you only clean part of it, other contaminated parts can undo all the work that you have paid for.

Cool Air Cares About Your Indoor Air Quality

There are several clear signs that it is time to call Air Conditioner Repair Miami out to clean your ductwork. If you see visible mold growth inside ducts or on any components of your cooling and heating system, it is time to bring in a professional. When mold enters the question, there are several things that are worth knowing. First, you may not be able to see a lot of your cooling and heating system. If a service provider says that there is mold, ask to see it. Air Conditioner Repair Miami technicians are happy to show you all of the mold that they plan to clean out. Second, there are some substances that look a lot like mold, but only an expert can tell whether your black or green buildup is actual mold or some less dangerous form of gunk. Third, if your air ducts are insulated and moisture gets to the insulation, leading to mold, it is not possible to clean that effectively. We recommend removing and replacing that insulation. Finally, correcting the mold situation is vital, but if you do not correct the whole problem, it will simply come back.

Another sign that it is time for a duct cleaning is that your ductwork show signs of infestation with some sort of vermin. This would mean that you see or hear insects or rodents running through your ducts. A final sign is that your ducts are so clogged with debris, dust or other particles that the dust actually comes out through your supply registers and is visible.
If you or one of your family members suffers from asthma, getting your ducts cleaned is an important preventive step to keep them from having unnecessary attacks. However, it is also important to remember that dust enters the home from a number of sources, such as cooking, smoking, cleaning or just moving around the house, so duct cleaning should just be a part of the maintenance that you undertake to keep your home a safe place for people with asthma.

Avoid Scams! Choose The Right Miami Duct Cleaning Company

When you are choosing your duct cleaning professional, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, in the State of Florida, air duct cleaning technicians have to have special licenses. All of the technicians at Air Conditioner Repair Miami have this licensing. Second, no matter which company you choose, ask for at least a couple of references. Air Conditioner Repair Miami cheerfully provides references so that our clients can get a perspective on the sort of work and customer service that we provide. If a provider does not want to give you references, you do not want that company messing around in your ductwork.

Another consideration is the protective measures that the company plans to use. We use state of the art technology to protect you, your home and your pets from contamination as a result of the cleaning process. We follow the NADCA standards for air duct cleaning, and for our clients with fiberglass ductwork or insulation, we follow the recommendations of the North American Insulation Manufacturer’s Association for the utmost in safety. Finally, check your potential provider out with the Better Business Bureau and websites like Ripoff Report. The more information you have, the better off you are. At Air Conditioner Repair Miami, we have provided the best in customer service and have developed a loyal following of repeat and referral business. We look forward to working for you!